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Get Matched With a Scholarship Fit For You

The Office of Scholarships is dedicated to helping students find, apply for and earn national and university-based scholarships.

We are committed to helping undergraduate and graduate students develop the skills, personal commitment and drive needed to pursue and receive scholarships that align with their educational and professional goals.

Get Scholarships

Find a scholarship that's right for you. FIU offers scholarships for incoming and current students. Learn which scholarships are available, find out how to apply or get scholarship advice today.


Students must complete and submit their FAFSA to receive Financial aid funds and need based scholarships. For more information on scholarships, disbursement or federal loans or grants, visit FIU OneStop.

Spring is for Scholarships

Spring semester is the best time to apply for scholarships. Most scholarships in the FIU Scholarship Search open in January and February and then close March or later. While some scholarships still open in Fall and Winter, applying to as many scholarships as you can in the Spring will increase your chances of earning financial aid for the next academic year.

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National Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the past winners, finalists and honorable mentions of national prestigious scholarships! Learn more about national scholarships and how you could apply.

  • Jahneé Smith

    Truman Scholar, 2024
  • Nicole Brevia

    Critical Language Scholarship, 2024
  • Francisco Gamez

    Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow, 2024
  • Sofia Hidalgo

    Voyager Scholarship, 2024
  • Max Keck

    Boren Scholarship, 2024
  • Mychtane Paul

    Boren Scholarship, 2024
  • Joni Spencer

    Rhodes Scholar Finalist, 2023
  • Christian Castellaños

    Goldwater Scholarship, 2023
  • Maria Mercedes Corredor

    Goldwater Scholarship, 2023
  • Bentley Walker

    Rhodes Scholar Finalist, 2022
  • Max Ulloa

    Rangel Fellow, 2022
  • Brandon Lee

    Rangel Fellow, 2022
  • Sabrina Pecorelli

    Critical Language Scholarship, 2021
  • Chirine Yamout

    Critical Language Scholarship, 2021
  • Melanie Rodriguez

    National Finalist, Truman Scholarship, 2021
  • Pierina Anton

    Donald Payne International Development Fellowship, 2021
  • Juan Debesa

    Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship, 2021
  • Kaytlin Alzugaray

    Goldwater Scholar, 2020
  • Eshrat Nikrooye-Al

    National Finalist, Rangel Scholarship, 2018
  • Jose Sirven

    National Finalist, Truman Scholarship, 2017
  • Kamila P Manzueta

    Thomas R. Pickering Fellow, 2017

  • Anibal Morales

    Honorable Mention, Goldwater Scholarship, 2017
  • Wendy Ruiz

    Truman Scholar, 2016
  • Brian Garcia

    Honorable Mention, Goldwater Scholarship, 2016
  • Weldon Montgomery

    Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow, 2015

  • Elizabeth Gallardo

    Goldwater Scholarship, 2015

  • Dieunica Setoute

    National Finalists, Truman Scholarship, 2015

  • Jonathan Urra

    National Finalists, Truman Scholarship, 2015

  • Ashley Arostegui

    Rangel Scholarship, 2015

  • Tiffany Roman Biffa

    Delta Phi Epsilon, National Award Winner, 2014

  • Jose Orta

    Frost Scholar, University of Oxford, 2014

  • Susan Tapia

    Rangel Fellow, 2014

  • Ernesto Alfonso

    Thomas R. Pickering Fellow, 2012

  • Abdel Pereira

    Rangel Fellow, 2012

  • Raphael Garcia

    Rangel Fellow, 2011

  • David Rodriguez

    Rangel Fellow, 2008

  • Jose Benitez

    Goldwater Scholar, 2003

  • Melita Morton

    Goldwater Scholar, 1996


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