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The FIU Office of Scholarships provides incoming freshmen, transfer, international and current students with information and assistance to take advantage of scholarship opportunities available at the university.

If you have questions, schedule an appointment or contact us.

Our Services

  • Our office helps students identify scholarship opportunities they may be eligible for
  • Provide students with various resources and scholarship opportunities by listing them on our website, as well as provide students with tips for applying to scholarships
  • Provide information to students regarding their award policies, requirements, and renewal criteria
  • Identify and recruit prestigious scholarship candidates and aid them through the application process to compete at the national level
  • We process and post non-FIU scholarships, including scholarship checks for students
  • Our office provides resources to faculty and staff members and assists them in processing FIU Departmental Scholarships
  • We connect faculty and staff to the correct departments and contacts to create a scholarship funds

Mission, Vision and Goals

We are committed to creating a transformative experience for students where they reflect purposefully on and expand their perspectives of themselves and their world, furthering the university’s commitment to collaborative engagement with our local and global communities.


  • To provide information and resources to students about scholarships.
  • To mentor students through workshops, presentations, advising, and individual guidance.
  • To provide advising that helps students better understand their strengths and academic goals.
  • To collaborate with faculty and staff across the university to identify and support potential student scholars and fellows.
  • To introduce a diverse student population to nationally competitive scholarships
  • To gain national recognition for FIU by enhancing its reputation for success in attaining major national scholarships and awards.


Students: Students and their success.

Learning: The learning process helps students define and clarify their goals, identify and utilize resources, and develop life-long tools for success.

Collaboration: We strive to connect with faculty, staff and students across the university. All play an important role in identifying, selecting, mentoring and supporting strong candidates for local and national scholarships and fellowships.