Student Resources

The Office of Scholarships is dedicated to assisting students in their scholarship journeys. There are various campus resources students are encouraged to take advantage of. Read below to learn how you can increase the chances of your scholarship applications being selected.

Make Your Application Stand Out

Get the results you want and review your essay, resume, and other documents at the FIU Writing Center.

Tips for Applying


Make Connections

Most scholarship applications require several letters of recommendation. Make sure to build connections with professors, supervisors, co-workers and mentors to make this process easier. Make sure to advise your recommenders of award deadlines so documents are submitted in a timely manner.

Tailor Your Application

Many students make the mistake of submitting the same essay for several applications at a time, this usually results in applications being denied because essay prompts are not always the same. Avoid a silly mistake and tailor your applications to what the committee is asking for.

Build your Resume

Scholarship committees often look for students who are diverse in their skill sets. Academic achievements play a big role, but so does leadership and extracurricular activities. Be sure to diversify your talents to stand out as an applicant.