Candidacy Process

Step 1: Pre-Application

To be considered for a FIU endorsement, students must attend Prestigious Award Information Sessions to learn more about the opportunities they are interested in and may be eligible for. Events will be posted on FIU’s Event Calendar. Candidates are encouraged to email to learn more about the opportunity and to review eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Campus Application Deadline

Several prestigious scholarships require university endorsement and/or nomination. For these awards, you must apply no later than the campus deadlines posted on the website. Follow application instructions for your scholarship of interest on the award website. Even when institutional nomination is not required, you should plan to spend at least 1-2 months preparing your application in advance of the national deadline. Please contact the Office of Prestigious Scholar Development at with any questions.

Step 3: Interview Process

Students who move forward will go through an internal interview process with a committee compiled of faculty and staff members from the university. Students will have the chance to discuss their qualifications and ask any questions they may have regarding the application process. Students should dress in business attire for the interview. Students chosen for the endorsement and/or nomination will be eligible to compete at the national level.

Step 4: Moving Forward

Students chosen for endorsement will work closely with the Director of Prestigious Scholar Development and various university members, to complete and edit their scholarship application on the website and submit any required documentation to compete at the National level.