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Step 1: Pre-Application

To be considered for a FIU endorsement, candidates must submit the following application materials by the pre-application deadline listed for the Prestigious Scholarship. Apply as early as possible to receive priority in working on application materials and reviewing student qualifications. The pre-application includes:

  • Intent to apply statement: Provide a brief statement on why you are interested in the opportunity and why you are an eligible candidate for the award (500 words max)
  • Names and email addresses of 5 to 8 recommenders
  • A resume of principal activities, honors, prizes, scholarships, offices held, athletic record, and extracurricular interests – dates included (2 pages max)

Step 2: Campus Application Deadline

By this date candidates must have submitted all documents for internal application for FIU endorsement. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications requirements vary slightly. Follow application instructions for your scholarship of interest listed in the FIU Scholarship Search. Contact the Office of Scholarship for any questions or concerns.

Step 3: Interview Process

Students who move forward will go through an internal interview process with a committee compiled of faculty and staff members from the university. The interview is a conversation with the student to determine their interest in the award and review their internal application. Students will have the chance to discuss their qualifications and ask any questions they may have regarding the application process. Students should dress in business attire for the interview. Students chosen for the endorsement will be eligible to compete at the national level.

Step 4: Moving Forward

Students chosen for endorsement will work closely with various university members, to complete and edit their scholarship application on the website and submit any required documentation to compete at the National level.